I am a computer scientist and a researcher at the Industrial Engineering Department at the University of Toronto, with a focus on computational sociology. I use ontologies and data-driven artificial intelligence (AI) methods to study how people and groups interact in complex systems. My current focus is on cities, communities, and urban centres.

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I use AI to help organizations make smarter data-driven decisions. In my research group we create ontologies that allow for semantic interoperability between data silos. We create ETL pipelines that consolidate data in a knowledge graph, and perform data analysis on the graph. We are developing an explainable language model to extract information and build a knowledge graph for custom domains.

Recently, our team has developed a catalogue of urban datasets to help researchers find and integrate datasets from across Canada. This work resulted in a Maturity Model for urban dataset metadata.

We have an ongoing partnership with the Common Approach where we continue to evolve the Common Impact Data Standard (CIDS) for measuring impact of social purpose organizations across Canada.

I’m currently working on new tools for government agencies to measure impact, study how health information and opinions spreads online, and improve search capabilities in distributed systems.


CUDC - Canadian Urban Data Catalogue

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The mission of the Canadian Urban Data Catalogue (CUDC) is to provide awareness of the vast array of urban and non-urban Canadian data by providing an open ...

CIDS - Common Impact Data Standard

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The Common Impact Data Standard is a standardized way to represent a social purpose organization’s (SPO) impact model (i.e. their theory of change, logic mo...

SMILE - SEmantIc roLe Extraction

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The research question this proposal addresses is: Is it possible to create a Natural Language Understanding (NLU) system that can extract the components ...

PARLANCE - Data Integration Pipeline

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The PARLANCE project is a pipeline that involves developing data translation and consolidation logic, enabling the merging of diverse data sources into a si...

OSSN - Ontology for Social Service Needs

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The Ontology of Social Service Needs (OSSN) represents service provisioning from the perspective of a cognitive, goal-driven client to evaluate services bas...

Service Ontology

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“What is a service?” The notion of “services” is inherently well understood by people, but it is difficult to define explicitly. The area of “service scienc...